Testimonials from Patients

Here’s what others have to say about Julie’s treatments:

“I saw Julie for the third time this morning and can vouch for her excellence: warm, thorough, and quite obviously expert — I’ve been so impressed! I couldn’t give a more enthusiastic recommendation!”

— C.L., female, 30 years old

“I sought acupuncture for two painful conditions that Western medicine had failed to ameliorate.

The first was fairly intense and constant foot pain following surgery four years earlier. When the pain from soft tissue damage did not abate, the highly renowned orthopedic surgeon at one of the nation’s leading orthopedic medical centers advised me to “learn to live with it.” Over the past year, acupuncture has made the pain infrequent (maybe once or twice a week) and moderate (maybe at most a two on a ten point scale, down from seven or eight). Julie Bear Don’t Walk was persistent and inventive, using Japanese as well as Chinese acupuncture techniques and two different herbal heat treatments to achieve this result.

The other condition was irritation in cracks at the corners of the mouth. The dermatologist at another leading medical center prescribed a pharmaceutical, correctly predicted it would at best ameliorate the problem (it didn’t even do that), and recommended that I have a plastic surgeon fill the cracks. That turned out to be a costly solution that would have to be repeated every six to nine months. Acupuncture and a Chinese herbal ointment proved more effective and affordable. When either condition flares up, an acupuncture treatment helps.

Julie also proactively addressed wellness issues like acid reflux and fatigue with good results. She’s very pleasant to visit and I find the treatments relaxing and enjoyable.”

— B.M., male, 69 years old

“I came to acupuncture with serious digestive issues. I was feeling quite miserable, filled with frustration and anxiety. I was lucky to have Julie as my acupuncturist. Always willing to go above and beyond to explain the TCM theories and how it works...if you’re interested.

Her acupuncture treatments have been very effective in treating my gut discomfort and inflammation. I am happy to say that I have had overall improvement with my digestive system and continue to do so with every acupuncture session, which shows I am moving in the right direction. My digestion has been strengthened and has become more tolerant.

In addition to the acupuncture I have received moxa, cupping and herbs to further enhance my healing. It helps that Julie not only has a gentle and kind bedside manner but is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding as well. She also takes into account your feedback to make the treatments more effective. I feel very grateful...I have been dealing with this issue for two years and I’m finally beginning to heal my digestive system!”

— M.M., female, 48 years old