Julie Bear Don't Walk, LAC
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We are passionate about helping people feel better.

With acupuncture and integrative health principles, we help patients bring their bodies and lives into balance. Acupuncture and integrative health can heal your aches and pains, improve your digestion and sleep, quell anxiety and depression, balance reproductive and hormone function, and eliminate headaches, among many other issues. We treat everyone — from pediatrics to geriatrics, at every stage of being.

We are deeply committed to bridging Eastern and Western medicine, and collaborate with each patient to find the best health approach for your life. We use acupuncture, supplements, nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations to help our patients feel great in their bodies — physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Feeling strong, energetic and resourceful in your body is entirely possible. Schedule an appointment with us, and let's work together to get you feeling full of energy and vitality!

— Julie Bear Don’t Walk, LAC and Team


About Our Team


Julie Bear Don't Walk, L AC

Julie Bear Don’t Walk's greatest passion is helping people feel better in their bodies and their lives. As a healer, mother and wife, Julie understands that life and health are creative processes, continually evolving with the different phases of our lives. As a licensed acupuncturist and integrative health practitioner, she partners with her patients to find their best path to wholehearted health.

Julie decided to study acupuncture and integrative health after experiencing the profound healing effects of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Plagued with monstrous PMS, anxiety, depression and a family history of addiction, she sought help 16 years ago from an acupuncturist in Seattle. After her first acupuncture treatment, she understood that there was help and hope — that she could actually feel and get better, and that her long family history of depression, trauma, pain, addiction and suffering did not have to be her path. With this deep clarity, she left her career in the arts, and decided to study acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is truly one of the best decisions she has ever made in her life. Each day, Julie is full of gratitude to help her patients live their lives with less pain, more energy, vibrant health and joy.

Julie excels at meeting her patients where they are on their road to health; whether taking those first step toward better health, or honing years of health-awareness. With over 25 years of experience in mind-body health, meditation practice, and healing, she is passionate about sharing her wisdom when and where it is appropriate. Some of her areas of expertise include: hormonal and reproductive health, digestive issues, fatigue, back and neck pain, mental health, chronic, complicated conditions, dermatology, allergies and asthma.

Julie received her Master’s degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago. During her six years of coursework, she completed 3,000 hours of training. She continues to pursue specialized training in cosmetic acupuncture, reproductive health, nutrition, and qi gong.  Julie also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative History of Ideas, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, both from University of Washington, Seattle.

Julie’s last name, Bear Don’t Walk, comes from her husband, Scott Bear Don’t Walk, an American Indian and a member of Crow Tribe of Montana. The name originates in a vision his great grandfather had of a very old bear hunting for salmon in a river, which represents sacred healing and lifelong wellbeing. By taking this name, Julie accepts the responsibility and privilege that comes with helping people follow their path to wellbeing.


Erika Holmes, L Ac Associate

Erika Holmes, M.S.TCM, L.Ac., is Licensed Acupuncturist and national-board certified herbalist specializing in the treatment of women’s health, infertility, and pain management. 

Erika was introduced to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in her late twenties, and she immediately knew that she had finally found the healing medicine she had been searching for.  The deep healing Erika has experienced in her own life, coupled with the healing she has witnessed her patients experience, has left her with a strong conviction in the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her passion is to share this healing practice with as many people as possible, and help them recover their own personal power, purpose, abundance, and joy.

Erika grew up in a very small town in east-central Kansas.  Being the daughter of a Registered Nurse, Erika was introduced to medicine at an early age, and she always knew she wanted to pursue a profession in the health field. As a young child, an individual very close to Erika suffered from addiction and depression.  That individual eventually lost the battle with addiction, and this life experience had an immense impact on Erika.  She knew her purpose in life would be tied to helping people who were suffering from major health challenges.  

After graduating first in her class from high school, Erika pursued a bachelor’s degree in biology at Kansas State University (KSU), where she was awarded for her work in undergraduate cancer research.  While in school at KSU, Erika worked at a local hospital, and this experience lent her the understanding that she did not want to pursue a career in conventional medicine.  She wanted to take a more holistic approach to health and wellness, though she wasn’t sure what that looked like at the time.

Erika graduated first in her class from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2013 with a Master’s of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is currently licensed to practice in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado.  Erika has also practiced overseas in Queenstown, New Zealand.  That experience gave her the opportunity to treat people from all over the world, which has greatly enhanced her understanding of the human condition.

In addition to her passion for acupuncture and herbal medicine, Erika loves to travel and experience new things.  She also loves animals, and volunteers at an animal clinic.  She spends her free time hiking, doing yoga, reading, and attempting to play the ukulele.


Scott Bear Don’t Walk, TLMFT

Scott Bear Don’t Walk is deeply committed to helping people live connected, present lives. He works with individuals, couples and families to understand the stories of where we come from, how we are and where we want to go so that we can live fully, with peace and intention.

Having experienced the effects of trauma over multiple generations, Scott understand the importance of family systems and how they inform our present lives. By investigating these dynamics and relationships, space opens for insight and change. Coupled with simple, practical mindfulness practice, new ways of relating, understanding and being in the world emerge. This profound healing is something that Scott has undergone personally, and it is exactly why he is passionate about helping others with their mental health, relationships, and way of being in the world.

Scott is Native American, an enrolled member of the Crow Tribe of Western Montana. His last name, “Bear Don’t Walk,” refers to the Native American vision quest of his great-grandfather. A tradition in Scott’s tribe, the Apsaalooke, this vision was of a great, aged grizzly bear, showing Scott’s family its connection to the sacred bear. Scott’s great grandfather and great great grandfather were celebrated healers, or medicine men, within the tribe. He considers this work as part of that tradition of healing people via connection to the world.

Scott received a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Friends University. He has completed over 1500 hours of working directly with individuals, couples and families. Being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-in-Training means that he is under supervision for an additional 1500 hours in order to receive the highest level of Licensure in Kansas. Scott studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He also studied at the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago, holds an MFA in Poetry from New York University, and a B.A. in philosophy with a minor in women’s studies from the University of Montana. Scott also has additional training in mindfulness from the Shambhala Mountain Center and maintains a committed, daily practice of mindfulness.

Learn more about Scott’s approach to practice at www.scottbeardontwalk.com.


Victoria Schmidt,
Office Manager

Victoria helps keep the clinic running smoothly, from scheduling, to answering questions, to making sure you get your herbs and supplements. This is a person who knows how to efficiently and effectively take care of things! She is a long-time acupuncture proponent, and can attest to its powers of enhancing fertility — she has a two year old daughter to show for it! Victoria’s background in education provides her with an amazing ability to manage multiple projects with clarity and presence. Originally from Wichita, she lives in Lawrence with her husband and daughter. In her off hours, you can find Victoria reading, cooking — and always learning. We are so lucky to have her on our team!


Mary Marathe,
Office Assistant

Mary helps our patients’ experience at the front desk flow as smoothly as their acupunture treatments! Mary grew up in rural Kansas but lived for several decades in New York City, working as a professional singer and raising two sons. She and her husband recently returned to Kansas to retire in this special community.