Julie Bear Don't Walk, LAC
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We help people feel great in their bodies and in their lives.

With acupuncture and integrative health principles, we help patients bring their bodies and lives into balance. Acupuncture and integrative health can heal your aches and pains, improve your digestion and sleep, quell anxiety and depression, balance reproductive and hormone function, and eliminate headaches, among many other issues. We treat everyone — from pediatrics to geriatrics, at every stage of being.

We are deeply committed to bridging Eastern and Western medicine, and collaborate with each patient to find the best health approach for your life. We use acupuncture, supplements, nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations to help our patients feel great in their bodies — physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Feeling strong, energetic and resourceful in your body is entirely possible. Schedule an appointment with us, and let's work together to get you feeling full of energy and vitality!

— Julie Bear Don’t Walk, LAC and Team

About Us

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Julie Bear Don't Walk

Julie Bear Don’t Walk is committed to helping people find their best path to wholehearted health. As a licensed acupuncturist, she uses acupuncture, herbs, nutrition counseling and tui na bodywork to nurture health and wellness.

As a mother and visual artist, Julie understands that life and health are creative processes, continually evolving with the different phases of our lives. She is best at meeting her patients where they are on their road to health; whether taking those first steps toward better health, or honing years of health-awareness. Julie truly helps foster well-being in body, mind and spirit. Julie’s areas of interest include: reproductive health, digestive issues, fatigue, pain, mental health, pediatrics, chronic conditions, dermatology and geriatrics.

Julie received her Master’s degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago. During her six years of coursework, she completed 3,000 hours of training. This is in sharp contrast to many chiropractors and medical professionals who have completed only 100 hours of training. Pacific College’s renowned program is noted for its herbal department and high academic standards. While a student, she had the privilege of apprenticing with Marie France Collin, an accomplished acupuncturist who lived and studied Chinese medicine in Asia for over twenty years. She also studied with Tom Hurrle, a veteran of Japanese-style acupuncture. Julie also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative History of Ideas, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, both from University of Washington, Seattle.

Julie’s last name, Bear Don’t Walk, comes from her husband, Scott Bear Don’t Walk, an American Indian and a member of Crow Tribe of Montana. The name originates in a vision his great grandfather had of very old bear hunting for salmon in river, which represents sacred healing and lifelong wellbeing. By taking this name, Julie accepts the responsibility and privilege that comes with helping people follow their path to wellbeing.


Jomar Yockey

Jomar is a phenomenal massage therapist specializing in deep tissue and relaxation massage. With a background in the martial arts, he integrates a functional understanding of the body with technical and intuitive skills in massage therapy. With this, he combines fantastic pain relief, improved range of motion, stress reduction and deep relaxation. Jomar's specialties include deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and relaxing Swedish massage. 

Jomar is passionate about working with people to achieve their best health possible, and particularly loves working on neck and shoulder pain, low back pain and overall stressed-out body situations!

Originally from the Philippines, Jomar moved to Kansas when he was three and grew up in Manhattan. He has traveled extensively and is now happy to call Lawrence home. You can find him practicing Jiu Jitsu, a Brazilian martial art, in his free time. We are beyond delighted to have him join our team — his calm presence and joyful spirit are a fantastic addition to the healing we do here.