May: Allergy Help, Headache Solutions, Growing Happiness


Spring is HERE! 

And with all the lovely sunshine and the blooming trees, I'm seeing a lot of HEAD issues! 

Like...stuffy, allergy-addled heads, headaches, high blood pressure, itchy eyes, stiff necks and people trying to get their heads on straight with feeling more happiness, flow and connection despite all the stress of the world!

With this in mind, the focus of this helpful newsletter is Healthy Heads! 


If you live in Kansas, you either have allergies or know someone who has them. It's a THING here — I've been told we are the epicenter for allergies in the United States. So, how do get a handle on them and get out and enjoy this gorgeous spring weather? 

Acupuncture and herbs are MY obvious answer! Chinese medicine can help reduce inflammation and the severity of seasonal allergies. Not only can it help with the symptoms, but it can also help with the underlying cause of your body's reaction to pollen, molds and other allergens! If you want to get started on some self care tips for allergies immediately, here are my top three: 

  1. Use a neti pot of nasal irrigation twice a day. This washes the pollen out of your sinuses, and keeps the triggers at a lower level. Try doing the neti pot after you've been outside for best results. 

  2. Try drinking nettles tea — nettles helps with managing histamine levels and can help support the body's ability to clear inflammation. 

  3. Avoid sugar and dairy during the height of allergy season. I often say I'm a pragmatist, not a perfectionist. Honestly, I enjoy some pie here and there. But when your body is in the throes of managing allergies, avoiding dairy (all dairy products) and sugar really helps take the load off. In Chinese medicine, these foods contribute to the production of phlegm, which is exactly what you don't need more of in your head. 

  4. ALLER-EASE is a Chinese herbal formula (in capsule form) that has helped MANY of my patients feel significantly better during allergy season. You are welcome to come into the clinic and pick some up without an appointment (though of course I would love to see you for that too!)


A headache is just a headache, right? Wrong. In this original form of holistic health, there are several different types of headaches. While some folks may benefit from ibuprofin or tylenol for their headaches, others may not feel any relief from those whatsoever.

One of the most common types of headaches I see are tension headaches. For this style headache, a massage does WONDERS. It unlocks tight muscles and gets blood flowing again, alleviating pain. I can personally attest that Jomar, the new massage therapist, is particularly good at getting rid of headaches! Some self-help remedies for tension headaches include using CBD topical products on your neck and shoulders, doing some arm and neck stretches, and applying heat. Here are some links to help get rid of your tension headaches:

Very short (under three minutes!) qi gong moves for neck and shoulders:

Short (five minutes!) seated qi gong routine for upper back, neck and shoulders:

Ten minute meditation for inner peace and relaxation (for pain relief)

Massage! (Including expanded hours!)

Headaches can also be a signal that something else is going on--hormonal, blood pressure, stress, etc. If you know someone who is suffering from headaches, I would love to help them live a less painful daily life--please feel free to share this email with them!


I've been doing some reading about happiness lately, and one thing that's come up a lot is consistency. That those tiny things you do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. add up. Here are some that are quick, easy, and have immense payoff. It's not January 1, but May 1--a new month, a new perspective?
1. Breathing. Try this when you wake up: before you grab for your phone, or roll out of bed, start paying attention to your breath. Aim to take 25 deep belly breaths (so that the place below your belly button rises and falls with each breath). One inhale and one exhale counts as a breath. Let your body show you the rhythm, just count: inhale 1, exhale 1, inhale 2, exhale 2, up to 25. Notice how it sets the tone for the day in a calm, focused way. (This takes about 5 minutes; if your prone to fall back asleep, sit up in bed and do the breaths sitting up). 

2. Gratitude: At a consistent time each day (first thing in the morning, right before bed, lunchtime), take 2-4 minutes to write down things you have gratitude for. Gratitude for short lines at the post office. Gratitude for your office mate. Gratitude for your loved ones. Gratitude for your health. You get the idea. It doesn't have to be fancy, but an acknowledgment of what there IS to be thankful for in your life. It shifts the brain and disrupts familiar narratives of what's wrong (such an easy place to go!). 

3. Aim for 15 minutes of movement a day, but every day. A brief walk at lunch, or after work. A little timeout / time-in that gets the blood flowing and provides some perspective to all of the mental work we do in a day. With May weather here, this is the perfect time to get a little move on and boost overall happiness levels.


We've got your Mother's Day gifts ready to go! Come on in and check out some of our new products--we'll even put together a little health and joy gift basket for you!

Here are some highlights of new products we are carrying (and no, you don't need an appointment to come in and purchase these items!) 

Sweet Change:
This is an herbal spray that helps reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Just spray a little on your tongue up to three times a day! 

Good Life Botanicals CBD Relief Roll-On and CBD Clinic Severe Pain Relief Cream: 
These are so amazing for muscle tension and pain. The Good Life Botanicals brand has an amazing lavender (no mint!) smell and includes Chinese herbs to help reduce pain. The CBD Clinic Severe Pain relief is an amazing analgesic for aches and pains. 

Charlotte's Web Internal CBD drops:
We have both Everyday and Plus strength. This is a potent approach for anxiety, asthma, and pain. This is a completely non-psychoactive supplement that contains CBD, which is extracted from the whole hemp plant. 

GIft Certificates!
In addition, we have some great Chinese herbal liniments and overall supplements for the Mom or Mom-figure in your life! And if you really want a deeply relaxed said person, we offer GIFT CERTIFICATES for Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy! You can purchase one online and we can email or physically mail a lovely gift certificate. You can do that here, or by calling or stopping by our office during regular business hours.

JOY, PASSION, and CONNECTION: Previews for Summer!

We often talk about getting our heads on right, which is crucial. But often the path to getting our heads straight is to listen to our hearts. One of the best ways to open our hearts is to connect with loved ones. Let them know you care, that you appreciate them, that you are glad they are in your life. Connecting in this way brings a greater sense of well-being than just about anything else. 

Summer marks the time of year that is all about the heart. We are ramping up for this time, and I wanted to plant some seeds for a joyful summer. In addition to connecting with loved ones in a concious way, it is also helpful to make time for what you are passionate about--for activities that bring you JOY. It doesn't have to be exhilarating, but small things that bring more happiness in. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I LOVE to do every day--help people feel better in their bodies and their lives. I hope that you can find a little inspiration to give yourself permission to cultivate joy in your life. 

Thanks for being part of my life, whether in the immediate sense, or by connection in the past or future. I appreciate you, your wellness, and you being YOU. 

In lovingkindness,


PS: I love spreading the word about holistic health and giving people tips to live better. If you know someone that could benefit from this newsletter, or from our services, please feel free to share this newsletter!